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Conquering my fear...of Improv.

So...since college, improv has always given me hives (with a side of angina). But after 3 years of steady employment, #praisetheLord, I decided it's now or never! You should go towards the things that scare you, right? (Well, everything except spiders. <Shudder>) To explain further, I've been a performer for most of my life and with improv, it's that pressure to "be funny." You know, like when you tell someone you do musical theater and they immediately ask you to sing something. #1, "You gonna pay me?! I don't work for free" and Letter C. "Do you want to lawyer something in return?" I totally realize that is only pressure I put on myself, but I'm so used to scripted things that it's hard to let go. Well...raise a glass to letting go! <clink>

The guy above is our teacher and right away I enjoyed his relaxed energy and teaching style, his humor and his ability to put us all at ease. Check out his website here: We've only had two classes and yes there are still moments of terror, but it always passes and before you know it someone else is in the hot seat figuring out their life. It's all about balance I'm finding out. We're heading into week 3 and I'm pretty optimistic I'm going to live, so that's a plus. Liking The Pit's relaxed style and positive approach to making people feel as comfortable as possible before they jump in. Now, to buckle down and really focus on this as a strength I know is in me...somewhere...I just gotta find it and just relax. And breathe!

Breathe, relax and just be (funny or serious or almost funny) me.



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