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DIO Designs is birthed!

If you know me, you know that I've always loved interior design, collaborating creatively with people, and ANYTHING HGTV! #chipandjoanna4ever

Well, I've mostly done personal projects on my apartment in Woodside, Queens with the help of my amazing partner Dustin (aka The Vegan Roadie: But, I've started working with some friends and things starting to really click as a fun, yet still creative and satisfying, side job.

The elevator pitch: DIO = Do it OURSELVES!

My concept for interior design is about empowerment to individuals to be an active participant in creating their perfect space. So, I'll create a full customized design plan, but the implementation will involve some key design elements that I will guide you through and we'll work on them together. (Design is ALWAYS more fun with more than one!). We'll go to antique stores, flea markets, hunt craigslist for the perfect pieces that just need a little TLC and DIO!

My WHY for DIO: When I friends over to my apartment, I always feel a sense of incredible pride when they point at a project that I created or repurposed and I get to tell them the story behind it. Because, we all have stories to tell so shouldn't it be the same for the places we dwell?

So, that's it. Excited for the possibilities, getting my hands on more projects, and giving people the power to make the best space they can. #proudofyourspace

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