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Laughing a lot in "Spamalot"

I've always had my musical comedy eye on this show...and to get it do it at one of my favorite summer theatres in Burlington, VT makes it all that much sweeter. SPAMALOT! As Sir Robin!

Direction and Choreography by Keith Andrews and Assisted by the hilarious Vince Ortega, this show was on FIRE with talent. I mean, I think I almost cracked up every night, usually from Drew Lewis as the French Guard (and Brian Golub as Assistant French Taunter!). What a great show and what an incredible bunch of guys and gals to make it happen. And did I mention it was in the summer?! PERFECTION!

That also marked by 4th summer at St. Michael's Playhouse and my 5th show. Yep, I'm a pretty lucky guy.


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