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The Debut of Debuts: "Annie"

So, here we are. My Broadway debut! The day I've dreamed of for YEARS and it's really here. The journey has been long and hard and I was actually having the first thoughts of maybe moving back to Atlanta before I decided to go to the Annie ECC (Equity Chorus Call). Well, 7 separate auditions later, spanning over 2 months, lots of hard work and anxiety...and here I am performing on the stage of the famed Palace Theatre.

To add the icing on the opening night cake, my Mom and best friend Justin Barnette will be in the audience to see me. It's just so surreal. You can't help but get retrospective in moments like this and look back at all the tick marks in your life that got you to a momentus moment like this. All the high school shows, all the performances in college, all the rejection over the years, all the PB&J sandwiches...and it all melts least for this moment. It's kinda beautiful that way. I know it won't run forever. Nothing does, but for this moment I am just grateful to be here, grateful to do what I love and grateful to share it with my Mom and my best friend.

1 of hopefully many!


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