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Joseph Tour 3.0

After my Broadway debut in "Annie" (about 20 days to be exact!) I was very fortunate to start rehearsals for the reimagined National Tour of Joseph... choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler and starring Ace Young & Diana DeGarmo. I was cast as Dance Captain and one of the male swings for the show and man, what a fun ride!

After 16 LONG months with the tour (where Joseph... 1.0 & 2.0 happened), Andy asked me to be his Associate for the second year of the tour (3.0) with a brand new cast and am lucky enough to still be working with the show as Associate. Tonight we open our show in the booming metropolis of Luftkin, TX and then we'll head off to Ft. Worth which is where we'll say goodbye to the cast.

I must say it's been strange to see a completely brand new cast in the place of all the friends you've been working with for 16 months, but to see these performers find their own way with the material, make their own choices and give their own spin was completely inspiring.

This choreo is very physically challenging so I'm interested to see how they do with all this traveling and the one nighters. Ooftah! I don't wish that on anyone, but it reminds me of my first tour out of college and what an incredible education I got traveling around the country doing something I loved. It was incredible! Exhausting and incredible! Wishing this amazing cast and my friends a beautiful tour!


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