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My Vegan Roadie is FUNDED!

My partner Dustin is known to many as "The Vegan Roadie" who has created and hosts the only plant based culinary and travel web series. We've been drowning in the anxiety, stress and excitement of his 2nd Kickstarter, this one for Season 2, and I'm BEYOND thrilled to say he has officially been FUNDED! He made $35K of his $32K pledged. AMAZING!

Dustin was an actor back in the day, but the audition grind just ended up being too much work (for rejection and little pay off) so he started working with William Berloni, the famous theatrical dog trainer. He was a handler for "Annie" on Broadway, which is where we met over 3 years ago.

He's been Vegan for 7 years now and always talked about how life on the road as a vegan was T-O-U-G-H. Well, he wanted to learn more about veganism and cooking so he went to the Natural Gourment Institute in NYC and graduated from their personal chef certification. In the middle of his studies he thought about how much he traveled, how he still miss performing (NOT the auditioning part) and decided to smash all his talents into an idea of a traveling show like Food Networks "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives." And..VOILA! The seeds of The Vegan Roadie was planted and has grown into something beyond what we even thought and he hasn't even started traveling again yet!

The biggest addition to this year is a partnership with an amazing company called Field Roast. This company makes grain meats and vegan cheeses and they are ALL delicious! #halfveganapproved (yes, my joke is that I'm half vegan...though I'm about 85% vegan at this point). They have agreed to give him free product to showcase around the country and will be providing a VAN for his travels! AND it's gonna be decorated with his logo on the van! It's bananas! And so cool!

I ended up working with him as Press & Marketing durin the Kickstarter and sent probably 150+ emails to companies, restaurants and even took a proposal over to Michael Bloomberg Philanthropies to talk about a collaboration. So, we dreamed big this year...and it PAID OFF!

So many great things are going to come from this, I know it. Now, Network TV...get over yourselves. It's time for a vegan show...and The Vegan Roadie is READY!

More soon!


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