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Painting Services


Basic Interior Painting

You pick the color, I pick up the paint and add color, energy, and personality to your space in as quickly as ONE day! Boom!

The rate below is for 8.0 hours of work which includes prepping walls, patching minor holes, taping, edging, and rolling, and at least two coats of paint. 

Let's color your world!

*Discounts given for booking 3 days or more.





Lines & Stripes Painting

Stripes can not only be a fun detail, but it can also be practical way to help divide different spaces within a larger room.

The rate below is for 8.0 hours of work and is based off a simple two-color stripe or line pattern. 3 or more colors, irregular patterns, intricate geometric designs will require more planning and labor hours so please see the "Custom Artistic Painting" service to the right of this window.

Let's have fun with stripes!

*Discounts given for booking 3 days or more.





Custom Artistic Painting

Ombré (pictured above) isn't just for hair! It's one of the hottest design trends that will never go out of style. It adds drama, luxury, and brings a sense of calm and airiness to a space. But there are MANY options besides ombré, so let's collaborate on whatever caught your eye on Pinterest and make it a reality together!

Let's collaborate on something custom and brag-worthy for your space!




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