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Organization Services


Home or Office 


Are your closets stuffed to the brim? Do you have a tiny kitchen like the one pictured above? Got some bins and baskets but at a loss of how to use them correctly? Let's figure out proper storage solutions (C'mon Container Store!), get rid of things you don't use, and really maximize your space so that things can be put away YET organized and accessible when you need them. An organized home is a happy home! 

Click below to get happy!

*Discounts given for multiple spaces



(3 hour minimum) 



Exciting New Service! Harnessing the power of technology, you can send me pictures of your space and I can come up with a plan, give you some sketches of storage solutions like the one pictured above, and help you pick out new organizational items to make your space neat, efficient, and organized. And all while not leaving your home (or me leaving mine!) 

Let's get you workin' smarter not harder!



(3 hour minimum) 

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