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 Why D.I.O? #collaborationiskey


I've lived in New York City as an actor/choreographer for 10+ years and have spent a good bit of that time touring the country. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED it (having been to 48 of the 50 states!) but while on the road I lusted for the things I saw in design magazines and on HGTV (Fixer Upper and Property Brothers junkie here!).


In December of 2013 I moved to Woodside, NY with my amazing  (now financé) Dustin (aka: into what we call our first "big boy" apartment with a hope for less traveling. I finally had the chance to use all that pent up "decoration aggression" I built up on tour and I felt ALIVE doing work on my own home! I then teamed up as Design Associate with Nestrs: a dynamic duo named Nick and Sarah who were contestants on HGTV's "Beach Flip" and are currently killing the short-rental game in Columbus, Ohio. With Nestrs I really got to hone my jack-of-all-trades skills in design, space planning, organization, and all things handy.

Check out their incredible work here:


With my Nestrs experience and the work I was doing on my own home, I felt an incredible sense of pride on the work I did, especially when friends would come over and compliment our home and how cozy it was and the fun pieces we had created to make it that way. That's when the light bulb went off...


That pride is something I want to pass on to others. Of course you can hire a designer to do it all for you, but where's the real fun in that?! Thus, the birth of D.I.O. which stands for Do It OURSELVES; where collaboration is key


It's a chance for YOU to be an active participant in YOUR design.

I encourage my clients to pick up a paint brush, or go shopping with me for decor, or find a curbside treasure just begging for an upgrade. I truly believe that everything in your home should tell a story and this way, when friends come over and ask you about your amazing new end table  you can smile and say "I did that!" and tell it's story. Cause at the end of the day, no matter how hectic or crazy, you always come home....and why shouldn't you be proud of that home?


Let's create your perfect space together.


"I believe that everything in your home should tell a story or make you laugh."





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